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Our Humble Beginning, Started Quite Simply, Like This...

In her homeland of Nigeria, Adebola Esan was a teacher. But when it came time for big family or community events, people turned to her to prepare the food. She loved cooking and was good at it, so she started a catering business on the side. Then, when she and husband Temitope Esan moved to Holland in 2002 to follow his profession as a pipeline engineer, her culinary dreams were put on hold. But when they landed in Calgary a few years later, she started cooking again. By this time, some of her children were old enough to help her in the kitchen. Soon, word spread in Calgary’s 5000-strong Nigerian community that a good cook had arrived and she found herself back in the catering business. Small events and large parties, such as a wedding anniversary bash for 500, came her way. And soon she was thinking about opening her own restaurant. - Author : John Gilchrist, for the Calgary Herald

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What our Customers Say

"What can beat ‘service-with-smiles?’ Bola’s catering services showcase excellent, tasty menus and she provides a satisfying, client-focused experience. Be it a house party or a milestone celebration, she has proved to be the first among equals. My family and friends have enjoyed a variety of tasty meals and snacks on countless occasions. I recommend Bola’s catering services for a stress-free, seamlessly executed party
Special, You will love it!"
Abimbola from Calgary
"Bola makes really fluffycakes, wholesome pies, tasty snacks and small chops. She makes delicious african and continental dishes as well. I enjoy eating her food and so does my family. My family will not eat any other food except prepared by Mrs Esan! And they do know when and if prepared by someone else. She makes her food like you would do at home – home cooking and that I think is the secret. Keep it up and hope to visit the restaurant for some good food soon.
Highly Recommended!"
VG from Calgary, Alberta

"Bola prepared a 10 course meal for my 50th birthday. She had a great selection of choices which were well received by over 80 guests
Top Notch!"
VG from Calgary, Alberta
"Bola does a great job of integrating Nigerian flavor and spices into foods appealing to Canadian palates.
Great Service. Good Times!"
Theresa from Calgary, Alberta

Our Tasty Meals

Feeling Peckish?


  1. Jollof Rice


  2. Fried Rice


  3. Steamed Rice


  4. Beef/Chicken Kebab


  5. Lamb Special


  6. Family Platter (Meal for 4)


Pepper Soup

    Goat Meat Flavour


  1. Fish Flavour


  2. Chicken Flavour



  1. Vanilla Cake


    Fruit Cake


  2. Chocolate Cake


Cakes For Occasions

Wedding Cakes

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Birthday Cakes

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Celebration Cakes

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Anniversary Cakes

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African Signature Meal (Okele)

  1. Iyan, Eba, Amala, Semolina


    Iyan, Eba, Amala, Semolina



  1. Suya


  2. Gizzard


  3. Asun


  4. Nkwobi


  5. Isi Ewu


Tuesday Special

  1. Yam Porridge (Asaro)


Wednesday Special

  1. Rice / Beans


Thursday Special

  1. Beans Porridge and Plantain